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Generate an extra monthly income by launching your first MM System in the next 48h, using five web pages and one article*

*To start selling, you need to build at least five web pages, and write the first article of your offer.

What is the MM system?

MM stands for Micro Membership... It is a system that sells specific information in exchange for a TINY monthly fee... Exactly like the website you are visiting right now.

It's a recurring system

It is a recurring income-generating system that makes you money every month.

It’s easy to build

Find out how easy it is to develop and launch one MM system, even if you never launched one before.

It’s an economic system

This system can be built and launched with a $100 budget, and $30 is a minimum required to start.

It’s a five pages system

The website of an MM system requires only five web pages to be set up, so, you can build it fast.

It needs one article

To start selling freaking fast, all you have to do is write the first article of your micro membership.

It’s fast to start

From idea to launch, all can be done in 48h, or worse, in a few days if you are an absolute beginner

It’s profitable

All you have to do is get a certain number of monthly paying members to generate a recurring income.

It’s duplicable

Duplicating and creating several offers is what you MUST DO, to reach your desired monthly income.

It’s easy to sell

Because your pricing will start as low as a Starbucks coffee price, marketing and selling your offer will be easy.

The summary of the 5 steps

If you take action, this what you will learn.

Step 1: Introduction to the MM model.

In step one we will clarify the the micro-membership site business model and how easy it is to set up and launch one fast.

Step 2: Examples of MM to launch this week.

In step two, we’ll seriously dive into the subject… Learn about real-life examples of this business model and how you can do the same this week.

Step 3: Select a niche and pick a hot topic for your MM.

Fail to do this and you will have a hard time selling your micro membership… In this step, you will learn how to select a good niche and a hot topic.

Step 4: The type of membership you should launch and why.

Avoid common mistakes and learn why you should launch a certain type of MM and not another… Hint: this is what will make this model so easy to sell.

Step 5: Set up your MM' website quickly and easily.

In the last step, you will learn how to set up your first MM’ website fast, even if you are a total newbie and never built any website before.

CONCLUSION: Summary and what's next.

Now that you went through all the steps, it’s time for you to take action and start creating your first MM, then launch it the next days.

So, are you interested in this system?

If yes, then click this button to to jump to step 1 of the system.

To your success!

Adel Kassouri, Manager and creator of the MM system.

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not implying you’ll succeed with your first MMS; I’m using the reference (generate a recurring income) for promotion purposes only; Your results will vary and depend on many factors… Including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic; Any business endeavor will involve risk (The risk: waste of time and the cost of a domain name and a web hosting) and require a consistent action towards your goals. If that’s not something you’re willing to accept, this challenge is not a good fit for you.